How To Cope With Lockdown? 10 Simple Ways To Make It Easier

Another month, another lockdown. Until this pandemic is under control, it looks like we may need to carry on secluding ourselves, hiding away and dreaming of the good old days when socializing was the norm and hugs were given freely. It’s been almost one year of social distancing and restrictions, enough to drive anyone closeContinue reading “How To Cope With Lockdown? 10 Simple Ways To Make It Easier”

Mental Health in Times of Covid

How often do you hear the words “in these unprecedented times”? Over and over, we’re told of the difficulties the world is facing due to this pandemic. It’s everywhere you turn to: on your tv, radio, newspapers. It’s in the lips of everyone you come across, their health concerns, financial worries, fears for the future.Continue reading “Mental Health in Times of Covid”