A Positive Mind

A personal thought

I am sorry I haven’t written in a while. The truth is I haven’t been able to. Not for lack of time but because lately my life has been, for lack of a better word, crap. And with my emotions all over the place, I’ve been having trouble concentrating and focusing for long enough toContinue reading “A personal thought”

Why So Tired?

I admit the first thought that comes to my brain in the morning is not a positive one. When the alarm rings and I struggle to open my eyes, more often than not, my first thought of the day is “why bother?”. My initial instinct is to cover my head and go back to sleep.Continue reading “Why So Tired?”

How To Cope With Lockdown? 10 Simple Ways To Make It Easier

Another month, another lockdown. Until this pandemic is under control, it looks like we may need to carry on secluding ourselves, hiding away and dreaming of the good old days when socializing was the norm and hugs were given freely. It’s been almost one year of social distancing and restrictions, enough to drive anyone closeContinue reading “How To Cope With Lockdown? 10 Simple Ways To Make It Easier”

Toxic Positivity

   I didn’t even know what this meant until very recently. But when a friend explained this term to me, it made perfect sense! This was the term that I had been missing all my life to explain why certain people annoyed me so much, with their forms of glowing optimism and perpetual rose-tinted glasses.Continue reading “Toxic Positivity”


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